The UK Terminology Centre (UKTC) is hosting a one-day conference on “Delivering Clinical Benefits through SNOMED CT®” This exciting event will give you the opportunity to learn about SNOMED from national clinical leaders and expert users

This event is now full; presentations and a summary of the day will be posted shortly after the conference date.

Editors’ corner

sq06Editors’ was launched just over 10 months ago and during this time we’ve seen some really interesting discussions, consultations and articles published on the site. 

We’ve also listened to the feedback of our users and as a result of this we’ve started to make some changes to the look and feel of the site as well as the types of content we are publishing.



Here at we are interested in creating an online environment where representatives from the standards community can share their experiences of implementing information standards with other members of the community.



The discussion forum is a facility that you can use to either seek the views of your colleagues on topics relating to information standards or to start your own discussions.




Your feedback throughout the development of an information standard is invaluable. We encourage you to use our consultation area to take part in formal consultations on information standards for health and social care



sq15We’ve created a variety of different learning materials where you can learn about information standards. If you feel that we don’t have any materials on a topic you might be interested in, please let us know.

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